5 SEO Tips: How to Rank Higher in Google

No matter if you have a nicely rendered website, you won’t get very far if you’re lacking sufficient SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The thing is, Google, and other search engines are extremely objective when it comes down to things like sitemaps, alt tags, and keywords. There are several tactics to improve your pages ranking without submitting to the paid schemes offered by search engines. Listed below, are few tips that are absolutely vital to rank higher in Google.

#1 Use Keyword in first 100 words

The ideal place to use keywords in content is within the first 100 words. You must not write a long intro before bothering with a keyword, because Google wouldn’t find it very relevant in the search results.
If keyword ‘Sales marketing’ was used at the very beginning of the content, placing a keyword near the beginning of the article ensures that Google has an easier time in understanding the topic and relevance of the article.

#2 Write title tags with target keyword

An inappropriate keyword can make your website’s chance towards prominence more remote than ever. Hence, you must always start title tags with your targeted keyword. If the keyword is placed to the beginning of the title tag, it will have more weight it has with search engines. Most pages on Google that rank for competitive keywords strategically place them at the beginning of their title tags. Hence, it is wise to do so as it will make your website more relevant to what people search for.

#3 Image Optimization

Ensure that the images on your website have file names which include your target keyword. Your target keyword should be part of Alt Text of images. This will improve optimization for your content and also create a clearer picture for the search engines to the relevancy of your page. Images are vital component of any website as they make pages visually attractive as well as informative. Optimizing your images can naturally boost your ranking on Google.

#4 Use Outbound Links

Outbound links are very helpful to bring more attention to your website. Outbound links show Google that the article is valid, informative and vital requisites for ranking. Hence, you must add outbound links to each of your content. There are a lot of people who make the mistake of not including outbound links to other websites or articles. Just make sure that the links are relevant enough to your content and from authentic sources.

#5 Write click-worthy meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are one of the most important and visible elements, next to your title tag and URL, that convince people to click your website. If you want traffic on your latest content and efficiently on your website, make sure that the meta descriptions are informative and attractive that can arise the viewer’s curiosity within the 150-word limit. Pay attention to the meta descriptions as they can help you to get natural results.

3 Reasons Why You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy In 2019

There was once a time when marketing campaigns meant running ads on television and radio, and placing print ads in newspapers and magazines. Although, as the world of commerce moves more and more toward a digital market place, businesses now have the opportunity to expand their reach with their target through digital marketing strategies.

Many businesses now know how vital digital channels are today for acquiring customers. Although, they don’t have an integrated plan to grow and engage their audiences effectively. Any modern brand that wants to get ahead will need to adopt digital marketing strategies as part of their overall strategy. But this doesn’t mean that you have to throw out the traditional print ads, especially if your business is already seeing great response from these types of ads. Yet by using digital marketing tactics in combination with your current traditional marketing strategies, your business can start to optimize your campaigns for maximum results.

Industry trends and tactics show that digital marketing really does work, regardless of your industry or company size. Below are the top 5 reasons that your brand needs digital marketing to connect with customers and attract new leads in 2019 and beyond.

1) Digital marketing services are affordable

One of the benefits of digital marketing is that these strategies are effective and affordable that can help your businesses get the most out of your marketing budget. You can market through email, social media and SEO driven content marketing at affordable costs.

In fact, content marketing costs much less than some traditional marketing tactics. Digital marketing strategies are not only affordable, but can also offer an attractive ROI for entrepreneurs. By investing in more affordable strategies that provide a positive ROI, you can better optimize your marketing budget. You can save money by implementing affordable digital marketing strategies.

2) Digital marketing strategy gives you focus and direction

The big challenge with digital marketing is that there are so many activities you could be working on, that you may miss key activities. A digital marketing strategy will help you choose focus on priority strategic initiatives. You may know you want to get more visits to your website, but can you say how many? You may want to gain more customers, but can you say by what percentage, or through which channels? Without specific targets, it’s harder to know exactly what you need to do online, and later to measure how successful you’re.

Creating strategy helps you have properly defined essential elements, formulate a powerful value proposition and a general idea of what you want to do line and what your tactics are. Using digital marketing strategy, you can create planned maps of priorities to focus on.

3) Your business can significantly increase reach through digital marketing strategy

Through digital marketing, you can provide new ways to target your audience, and can reach out to more consumers in your target market. Through relevant social media platforms, tailored blog content and search engine marketing, you are able to reach those customers who need a bit more engagement before a purchase or who may have missed your initial ad. Digital marketing channels help your brand provide a more interactive experience through interactive ads.

When it comes to personalization, online videos and product recommendations are the best way to encourage purchasing of your customers. 56% of the consumers are more likely to buy from a brand through personalized shopping experience. Digital marketing allows you to reach back to customers who have visited your website, and left without purchasing.